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Gargoyle Geckos
154 pages and 170 color photographs. The complete guide to one of the best pet lizards, including an overview of morphotypes, vivarium design, diet and breeding.
Discover why gargoyle geckos, the lizards species with greatest variation in color and pattern is fast becoming one of the most popular lizard pets 

The Legend of Atticus Rex, Book 1: The Amulet

136 pages ,51 illustrations, by Santiago Iborra, and a 'bronze' metal amulet. For those frightened by night shadows, Atticus Rex Protects!  In Book I of this trilogy set in Roman Times, the Great Spirit Dog, Atticus Rex, is summoned from the Underworld to protect life on earth and vanquish the wicked shadow creatures brought forth by evil Volgoths. What sinister plans bring the Volgoth’s to earth? Who or what are they after? Together with Atticus Rex, young Gabriel overcomes his fears of the most terrifying shadows and uses his skills to join the battle and defeat them! 

Action, mystery and adventure abound in this fast-paced, illustrated thriller sure to grab and hold the attention of all, while the detachable Atticus Rex Amulet provides protection from the shadows.

 An exciting book for children ages 7 and up! A perfect treasure that will not disappoint with a cover that demands to be held! Approximately 1 hour read-time. An award winner and five-star rated book on

Giant African Bullfrogs
195 pages and 130 color photographs. All color book now available as a Kindle from  Only $9.99.  If you do not have a Kindle Fire, you can download the FREE Kindle app to you PC.

Giant African Bullfrogs rank among the largest, most impressive and longest lived frogs of the world, with some individuals reaching 10 inches and up to 4 pounds.  Besides their size, they are also known for their parental behaviors.  A large male will protect and fearlessly attack predators many times its size..

In addition to Giant African African Bullfrogs, this book provides an overview of all the African Bullfrog species (Pyxicephalus) currently imported in the pet parade with information on their capture care and reproduction.  It proposes with the support of photographs that at least two new species need to be described to make sense of the diversity of imported specimens.  The last chapter features an extensive bibliography on Pyxicephalus.  This is the most thorough book written to date on a species some have called "The King of Frogs".

Pachyforms 1:
A Guide to Growing Caudiciform and Pachycaul Plants 
320 pages and over 300 color photographs. $39.99.  Pachyforms is a complete guide to the selection and cultivation of caudiciforms and pachycauls, species that develop thick bodies with sculptural forms.  The text is complimented with 350 color photos of some of the foremost examples of living art: giant baobab trees, passion flower relatives that resemble a witch's cauldron, and yams that become massive geodesic structures.  Welcome to the world of bizarre and alien species that will jostle your preconceptions of plants.

The two volumes have been category bestsellers with more than 6000 in print.

Pachyforms 2:  Bonsai Succulents

387 pages, 500 color photographs $49.99. This is the second volume of Pachyforms, a series that focuses on the cultivation of sculptural plants characterized by unusually thick or globose bodies.  It is also the first book dedicated to the use of succulent plants as bonsai and illustrated with 500 color photographs, including some oft he finest examples of this American form of horticultural art.  The second portion of the book is a continuation of the catalog of pachyform plants started in Volume 1. 

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